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We have 24 hour bail bond services to help you or a loved one get released from jail.

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Our online system will locate your loved one in South Florida Jail system.

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Final step is payment with so many options any one can use.

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Once the Bail Bond is posted, the client is released by the Jail officials in 4 to 8 hours.


Bail Information

Bonds are negotiated over the phone with agents. Agents will meet you at our office, the jail, or wherever it is most convenient for you. Collateral is not always necessary. Up-front payment in full is not always required. Our service is confidential and professional. We are always available for your questions. We strive to provide professional and personal services so that posting bail for your friend or loved one can be a fast, dignified and simple process.

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General Info

Bail Bonds

Bail Bond Release Center advises you, as a co-signer, to read all bail agreements carefully and ask questions when you need clarification. We are ready to explain any part of our contracts. The basic fees are posted in our office. Please ask your agent for frank discussion of these fees. We also would like to reiterate the importance of your commitment as a co-signer. You take full financial responsibility for the bond and the premium payment. A bail bond guarantees appearances for every court date for the duration of the defendant’s case

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Premiums are non-refundable and are fully earned by Bail Bond Release Center upon posting the bond at the jail. If, at any time, during the active period of the bond the defendant has another case brought against him/her, a separate bond with the additional premium may be necessary. In case of forfeiture (failure of the defendant to appear in court), it is your responsibility as the co-signer to pay the full amount of bail and/or help locate the defendant for surrender. Failure to do so may be cause for surrender of the defendant and may prevent the bail agency from providing you with assistance in complying with court orders.

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Release of Bond

The defendant is directed by the bail agreement to be present at every appearance required by the court. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the bond. As a co-signer, you would be required to bring the defendant to our office immediately in order to reinstate the bond, or surrender him/her back into custody. Failure to act immediately may incur expenses for which you are liable. In the event of forfeiture, you are liable for the full amount of the bail and any expenses incurred. The co-signer is no longer liable for the defendants bond when he/she has completed all court appearances, the bond has been exonerated, and all costs have been paid. Once the bond is exonerated, the bail office will promptly return any collateral pledged.

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